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Round 3 Challenge 11 Results

you all were fantastic and I am really encouraged to start another round right after this! Sorry for the delay in results! congrats to our three finalists!Collapse )

Round 3 Challenge 11 Voting

This was a really fun lims, and I'm glad we could make it full circle - please, everyone participate, except those of you that have entered :)

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Final Reminder!!

this is the final challenge and no one has their icons in!  Voting goes up Saturday and I don't want any default winners!

Round 3 Challenge 11

welcome to the final three, this will be our final challenge!

bring your A game through hereCollapse )

Round 3 Challenge 10 Results

we really should start pimping the vote more, more votes are better than less, right? I don't know, I'm awake at 7 AM on Saturday...as with all lims, sadly, we must say farewell to another icon-maker.

Eliminated with -4 votes:

by phantomberkanna

I'm so sorry to see you go, hun!

People's Choice tie with +2 votes:

by good_memories and

by blue_emotion

detailed resultsCollapse )

Round 3 Challenge 10 Voting

another different round of voting, so please see/read the rules!

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Final Reminder!!

last chance to get your icons in!! We're at the final four, so no skipping! If your name is below, I'm waiting on an icon from you!


Round 3 Challenge 9 Results

we could have used some more votes this week, but enough to post the results.

Eliminated with -7 votes:

by sweetnessarose

Sorry to see you go hun!

People's Choice with +4:

by good_memories

detailed resultsCollapse )

Round 3 Challenge 10

posting this a little early so that I don't forget tomorrow new challengeCollapse )

Round 3 Challenge 9

we had quite a few people not enter...or only entering one-half of the challenge...seriously, no more skips after this!

The following people were eliminated due to having no skips, not entering an icon or requested to withdraw from the lims : bubba_rum and hezzda

The following people either requested or were forced to use a skip: blue_emotion

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